A Newbie’s Help guide to Buying Quality Casino Chips

Allow me to begin by saying there are (3) primary kinds of Casino Chips available, Plastic, Clay and Ceramic.

Low finish (dollar store) Plastic would be the least costly chips and could be available at most supermarkets or “dollar” stores. They’re really low in weight and therefore are made exclusively of cheap plastic. Pointless to state, these type chips aren’t very durable and aren’t suggested.

Abs Plastic, Fiberglass (high-impact strength plastic) are created having a greater finish ABS type plastic. More often than not Abs Plastic, Fiberglass Chips is going to be manufactured having a metal inlay, this increases the weight and “real feel” from the chips. Using these components enables for any more defined design than Clay Composite’s. They’re very durable and can last longer than most Clay Composite’s because of the strength from the Abs plastic, fiberglass. Plastic chips create a “ding” type seem when tossed in to the “pot”.

NexGen Plastic: This specialized manufacturing process makes them chips feel not far from a Clay Composite Nick. NexGen Chips possess a softer, duller surface and stack perfectly. Dollar for dollar you can’t beat the need for the NexGen line for durability and sturdiness.

Clay (clay composite): You will find really no 100% clay chips, they are constructed with a Clay Composite. When they were 100% clay, they’d crack and break constantly. If your nick is 5% Clay, the maker can continue to appear at first sight clay. With this stated, there are lots of grades of Clay Composite’s along with a wide cost range. The very best Clay Composite Chips are produced using “compression molding” rather of “injection molding”. A good example of “compression molded” chips are Paulson, they’re Casino Quality and are the most useful available chips for that video gaming market. Clay Composite chips create a “thud” type seem when tossed in to the “pot”.

Ceramic: These type chips aren’t 100% ceramic, they’re combined with a polymer to provide them added strength. Another thing to keep in mind concerning the ceramic chips would be that the image is embedded below the top of nick and can never fade or remove. Ceramic Chips possess a textured surface and stack perfectly.

Post Author: Kai Dario