Experience the safest UI on money games with RummyGo and GetMega

Gaming enthusiasts and professionals have designed several online gaming websites to transport the spirit of conventional games into the digital world. According to statistics, more than 1 billion people out of the entire world population are online gamers. Since the numbers are increasing day by day, every online gaming platform is focusing on providing a delightful gaming experience to users. Not only do these digital gaming websites and applications like RummyGo, GetMega etc., offer a wide range of games but they also provide sophisticated user interfaces. To ace up the fun quotient of the gamers, many of such applications and websites feature money games. 

There are many games where people can earn money by playing and winning. With the right online gaming platform you can experience the fun and thrill of such games in a safe environment. Out of many such platforms, RummyGo and GetMega present great UI and security systems.  Let’s dive into further details to explore more about these two online gaming platforms. 


RummyGo is a well-known online gaming platform that features a diverse range of money games including Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Raise Rummy. It boasts an easy-to-use UI that lives up to the expectations of the gamers. By presenting a list of attributes in a logical order, RummyGo makes it a lot easier for the users to find the games, check the scoreboard, etc. Since the games on this app involve money, the developers of RummyGo have designed a secure system keeping the privacy and security of the real gamers in mind. 

Recognised as a legal app in India, RummyGo combines various skills that enhance the thought process of individuals. With RummyGo, users can keep a track of their gaming progress. The intriguing functionalities of its leaderboard help gamers to adopt new methods and skills to ace the games. Further, the online gaming platform of RummyGo allows real players to play a variety of games based on their level of professional acumen, proficiencies and competency. The signup bonuses and referral programs of RummyGo make it a very rewarding app for gamers. 


GetMega app is another excellent online gaming application that flaunts both horizontal and vertical gameplay. Compared to other gaming applications, this app presents a fantastic intuitive UI that escalates the gaming experience of individuals. With vibrant coloured key elements, this app builds an easy and interactive approach for the players. GetMega app is a real money making platform that allows only participants who possess 100% verified profiles. Loaded with a wide range of games based on 3 main categories, this application is considered one of the safest gaming apps in India. 

At GetMega you can play games like Poker, Carrom, GoPool, 123. PickMe and so on based on the categories (casual, cards and trivia). The 24×7 leaderboard of this application is both task and winning based. Players can win attractive gadgets, coins and more from the leaderboard if the players play free games or paid games or both. With optimally displayed elements, the GetMega app makes sure that you give your total attention to the game that you are willing to play. 

By involving real players who are verified by their Facebook profiles, this app offers real and honest gameplay. Certified by RNG, GetMega is the only real money-making gaming platform that features audio/video functionalities. Since many people register to play games on this app, the developers have come up with an advanced security system. The Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics of GetMega ensure the safest gameplay of the highest standards, compared to all other gaming applications. 

Now that you know about the UI and security features of both RummyGo and GetMega, sign up to the said platforms, download the apps and start playing. Remember, both the apps present money games along with safe UI, fair privacy & security policy, so you will have a smooth gaming experience.

Post Author: Kai Dario