Team Play: Card Counting Lesson Five

Team Play versus Solo Play When Counting Cards

One method to avoid heat entirely would be to never lower or raise your bet using the count. This is impossible for a standard counter working alone, but can be achieved using advanced techniques for example team play.

If you’re considering beginning a group you will need to try to assemble about six people. Basically one of these simple people is going to be “spotters”. Their job would be to spend time at a 6-8 deck table and count without raising their bet in the minimum. When the count will get sufficiently high (I personally use a count of plus 6) they’ll signal within the big better. The large better’s job would be to, well, bet big. They must be putting a bet a minimum of 15 occasions greater compared to minimum bet from the other team people. The large better will bet that very same amount constantly until either the shoe ends or even the count drops to zero. When the big better leaves one table, they immediately start search for the signals in the other five spotters.

Team play is the fact that easy. Obviously it’s possible to add variations when needed. For instance, if you think you might be getting an excessive amount of attention in the pit boss, perhaps you should give a seventh member as whether lookout or perhaps a distraction (beautiful women would be the industry standard try not to hesitate to consider creatively). Just bear in mind the goal is to achieve the big better betting constantly. For those who have five spotters, the large better will be able to change from one table to a different easily.


Since the big better never raises or lowers their bet using the count, casino security far less prone to uncover they’re counting. To ensure that surveillance to uncover you’re counting they would need to return and re-watch footwear. Since this is so time intensive, casinos will rarely catch teams as lengthy they do not plan multiple visits over a short while period.

Profits may also be much greater using team play. Benefits of 2% could be acquired relatively easily, even just in situations that the lone counter would avoid. These profits could be elevated further should you include moves like getting your spotters improve their bets slightly in large counts. Keep in mind the more you need to do to improve your profit, the greater apparent your card counting can become.


The primary drawback to team play does not have anything related to profit or advantages. Team play is dangerous since it involves others. You need to trust team people having a be part of the bankroll and also the big better will need to handle considerable amounts of team money. For this much cash it is simple that people get greedy or else do things they’d not normally consider. Trust is completely essential for any team venture.

Closing Ideas On The Card Counting Training To Date

These training have provided you all you need to do to create a million dollars card counting. That being stated, these training have pointed out hardly any concerning the mathematical foundations of card counting. You might understand how to count, however if you simply know why counting works you are able to bring your blackjack experience for an entirely different level.

Card counting is yet another demanding activity. If you don’t comprehend the mathematics behind counting, it will likely be more difficult to handle this stress. This can harm your game and could leave you defeated. Things I am saying is that this: Browse the next e-zine training! Even though you may n’t understand all the math involved, you’ll have finger room. After that you are able to expand knowing about it and finally be a true professional.

Post Author: Kai Dario