Tips for winning big while playing small stakes

Online poker is the solution that most people have been waiting for when it comes to playing poker. The convenience that online poker presents together with frequent promotions and large sign-up bonuses, it would be unwise not to try them. Online platforms hold tournaments every day and these tournaments have very small buy-ins attached to them, making it very cheap for anybody to participate in them. However, in order for you to be successful over the long term, you will need to learn some of the tips that seasoned players use. Being successful at poker over the long term is not something that is easy to achieve. In fact, more than 90% of all players of judi online poker end up losing their money. That is why we thought it would be nice to provide you with these tips that can help you win big amounts of money while playing with very small stakes.

Be prepared for a long session

Most low buy-in, big field tournaments usually take a lot of time to complete and as such, you will need to be prepared to sit down and play for a long period of time. Every time you sit down to play, you need to prepare your mind so that you are set to play for multiple hours. You will need to be very patient and go deep into the game. You may have to remain seated for over 10 hours just to complete one tournament. Pros are able to play all night and sleep the following day. However, if you have a day job, you may need to cut down on your play a little bit so that you balance between work and play.

Patience and being able to put in several hours in poker tournaments doesn’t apply to low-stake games alone. Even high-stake games require patience and the ability to play for long hours without losing focus.

Be prepared for some crazy swings

Variance is usually very huge in low-stakes poker because of the huge number of opponents a player usually has to get through. The number of players is huge, but then these players are also not just a walk over. Some of them are really good and if you don’t bring your game, chances are that you may be the one that loses to them. That is why you should never take any tournament for granted.

Recreational player have a habit of raising in a crazy manner too. It is not uncommon to see players make “all-in” raises multiple times in a game, something that makes the game very unpredictable. Playing against recreational players who make such crazy raises is usually favorable in the long term, but in the short term, it can be very uncomfortable. You will need to have a huge bankroll to be able to stay in the game against players of this type.

Keep it simple and value bet your hands to the maximum

When you are playing in a low-stake, high reward game, you should never try to run elaborate bluffs. Most of the players you will be facing against only care about the cards they have in their hands and most of them just want to showdown and win if they can. Thus, your actions will not deter them from their strategy.

Post Author: Kai Dario