Various Games Of Megagame Website

With the better modern and stable system, Megagame slots give players a unique and new betting experience. It welcomes beginners and players by providing promotions and free credit. The site includes varieties of slot games from leading game camps.

Few slot games on the megagame website

  1. Golden Kingdom: It is one of the new slot games that present the theme of an empire. It was well-known and known as the Golden Kingdom. The kingdom was lost for a long time and no one could find it. People with a feeling of hope go out to find the golden city. It is a slot game having winning symbols with 6 reels and 5 line video slot. The game starts from left to right wheel with a high payout. The game features different symbols such as scatter symbol, wild symbol and special symbol which symbolizes different things.

The symbol of the prince is the scatter symbol. The player can spin up to 8 free spins and you can win 3 to 5 bonuses on the board. The Scatter symbol appears from reel 2 to reel 5. A wild symbol appears on reel 1 and reel 6 representing the rest of the symbols. It helps you to earn more money. Special symbols represent golden bird and pink face antique status.

  1. Valley of Dreams: Valley of Dreams is a slot game of megagame website for slot lovers. The game presents the theme of a beautiful valley that is very calm and peaceful. It is a valley of gods of fortune. The game features a high payout with 5 reels and a 5-row slot. Valley of Dreams consists of various symbols such as scatter symbol, wild symbol, and special symbols which symbolize different things.

The Scatter lamp represents a scatter symbol where the player can spin up to 8-12 free spins collecting three symbols. The Wild symbol symbolizes Lotus. Special symbols include the cat God and God turtle symbol.

  1. Charge buffalo: Charge buffalo is a game of animals. It represents the theme of grassland where many animals inhabited such as eagles, bears, wolves, and deer. Bison is the ruler of the forest that is very ferocious. Bison are normally blue-eyed and are friendly. But if you see red-eyed bison, it is better to escape from it. It is a game of slots with a variety of symbols representing different things. The game features a 4-row video slot and 6 reels with a high payout.

The ferocious bull is the scatter symbol. You can get up to 25 free spins bonus if you scatter 3 to 5 symbols on the board. The sky represents the wild symbol and it helps you to win easily. Special symbols include a fierce bull and an owl which give you the highest odds.

  1. Drill that Gold: Drill that Gold is a slot game on a megagame website with the theme of mining who wants to dig and blow out mines by bringing out the gems. The game is very volatile and features various symbols such as a bonus symbol, a wild symbol and a special symbol.

The drilling machine represents the bonus symbol with multiple rewards. Will symbol represents a grenade launcher which you can use in place of any symbol. Special symbols include a miner and a gem which is a high yielding one.

Post Author: Kai Dario