Vietnam’s Betting Laws And Their Effects On The Bookmaking Industry

         Betting has been a source of entertainment to humanity for over a millennium. But as the years passed by, some of its enthusiasts have developed an uncontrollable habit of excessive betting which painted a bad image for the game. As an effect, its legality became a content of every heated debate solely because it is deemed unethical due to its adverse effects on a person’s well-being, society, and nation as a whole.

Betting Laws in Vietnam

Although betting is gradually embraced by different societies as another form of money-generating tool for the economy, some countries, especially the conservatives like Vietnam, do not hold the same stance. For the Vietnamese government, betting should not be operated on its grounds and be played by its citizens. They implement this under Articles 248 and 249 of the constitution mainly to safeguard the wealth of the nation by restricting the illegal activity, which could destroy the financial state of the basic unit of the society—every Vietnamese family. If you are caught having direct involvement with betting either online or onsite, you will be subjected to penalties such as small fines and non-custodial reforms. The penalty includes 3 to 7 years of imprisonment with fines which range from 3 to 30 million dongs once it is proven that you have lost or won more than 50 million dongs through betting. Non-custodial reforms, on the other hand, impose probation and parole system to people who committed minor gambling crimes that are under 2 million dong. Committing violations while being under the non-custodial reforms, like changing residence or employment place without prior notice to the authority, will result in imprisonment. Because of these restrictions, some Vietnamese intends to cross the borders just to play luxuriously in their neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos.

The State of Lotteries in Vietnam

                Along with the effort of some betting connoisseurs to soften the betting laws in Vietnam, brick-and-mortar gaming houses, lottery, grey hounding, and horse racing were legalized and allowed to operate by the government under certain conditions. Onsite betting houses are only made available to foreign players, who hold foreign passports, whereas lottery, grey hounding, and horse racing are accessible to everyone regardless of their nationalities. This setup was allowed by the government to lure foreign high rollers like Australian ex-pats and to ensure that its citizens only invest their money in the government to maintain the stability of the country’s economy. If the government did not take these countermeasures, many offshore betting houses, which are run by foreign nationals, will benefit from the Vietnamese pockets.

A Way to Win the Lottery

            Currently, 3 major lotteries are operating within Vietnam namely the Southern Lottery, Central Vietnam Lottery, and Northern Lottery which are further subdivided into its local levels to provide wide options to its resident and foreign patrons. If you want to win the next lottery, visiting this site: would give you the possible number sequence, which is generated using their state-of-the-art determining methods, for your reference.

Post Author: Kai Dario