What occurs while an account is blocked?

When an account is blocked, the proprietor can now no longer get the right of entry to their account, use it to create tasks, or publish new feedback. When they log in, they see a web page that explains why the account became blocked, together with an internet shape they can use to request to be unblocked. If the proprietor can display that they apprehend why their account became blocked, and guarantees to comply with the real scratch-off games Community Guidelines withinside the future, they’ll be unblocked.

What are extensions?

In the Scratch editor, you could upload collections of more blocks known as “extensions.” For example, some extensions permit you to apply bodily devices (including micro: bit and LEGO robotics kits) and to translate textual content inside your Scratch tasks. We will preserve to feature new extensions over time, so what you do with Scratch will keep growing over time.

How do I upload an extension to a challenge?

If you click on the “Extensions” button withinside the backside left nook of the Scratch programming editor, you’ll see a list of all Scratch Extensions. When you pick one of the extensions, a brand new class of blocks can be brought for your challenge. The extension can be routinely loaded whenever your challenge is opened. You can upload real scratch-off games  a couple of extensions to the identical challenge.

How do I create my extension for Scratch?

The Scratch Team can be publishing specs and recommendations for extensions withinside the future. Once to be had, you’ll be capable of post extensions to the Scratch Team for attention withinside the legit Scratch 3.0 extensions library. We’ll additionally offer recommendations for growing and distributing “experimental” extensions, which may be used to create tasks on man or woman computers, however now no longer shared withinside the Scratch online network.

What will manifest to the ScratchX internet site?

The ScratchX internet site (scratchx.org) became an experimental testbed for extensions. Extensions created for ScratchX aren’t well suited with Scratch 3.0. Once experimental extensions are completely supported in Scratch we can stop helping ScratchX and offer builders and customers time to transition off of ScratchX to the brand new extensions platform.

What are cloud variables?

Cloud variables permit for records from a challenge to be stored and shared with different humans withinside the real scratch-off games network. You can use cloud variables to make surveys and different tasks in which others withinside the network to get right of entry and adjust the records over time.

Who can see the records saved in cloud variables?

When you engage with a challenge the usage of cloud variables, the records related to your interactions may be saved together with your username, and others can view it.

Post Author: Kai Dario