When will online poker be legal in Michigan?

It already is! Let’s take a look at the recent history of online poker in Michigan, which became legal around 2 years ago, with online poker sites being subject to the rules entity known as the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Online Poker in Michigan: A Brief History

Michigan became the sixth state in the new US internet gambling market to make online poker legal, on December 20, 2019. It was also the fifth state to legalize online casino games and the twentieth to permit sports betting.

However, in late 2020, state lawmakers enacted a multijurisdictional poker bill, which Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law in January 2021. The bill allows online poker sites in Michigan to share player pools with sister sites in other states that have legalized online poker.

Interstate online poker sites in Michigan

Despite playing online poker between different states being permitted by the present online gambling legislation, no Michigan poker sites have announced plans to consolidate player pools. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, both BetMGM Poker and PokerStars have licensed poker sites.

While New Jersey’s poker companies can form shared player pool agreements with other states, Pennsylvania has yet to adopt a bill allowing for interstate gambling.

Therefore, online poker in Michigan is active, legal, and here to stay! In the state, players can participate in everything from online poker tournaments to spin-and-go tournaments and no-limit hold ’em cash games. However, more features are on the way. Michigan, which has a long and illustrious history in the world of poker, will eventually pit its players against those from other states.

After years of waiting, Michigan poker enthusiasts can now play real money online poker against other Michigan poker players. The Michigan online poker market opened on January 29, 2021, therefore the one-year mark is approaching!

Regulated online poker rooms in Michigan

If you wish to play online poker and you are currently live in Michigan, you have a couple of options.

First, you can look for the few Michigan online poker sites: BetMGM and PokerStars are both regulated online poker sites that are legal in Michigan.

Other players resort to other options. One such as playing in crypto poker sites, that don’t work with the dollar directly and therefore are not subject to many local legislations. Those sites usually welcome players from anywhere in the world, with no restrictions. You’ll have to find a way to convert crypto to dollars, but nowadays this is not very hard, with plenty of exchanges to choose from.

Another option is to use VPN and account rental to play poker in sites that are not necessarily legal for residents of Michigan. This option is riskier and it has costs. Still, it’s something many players do.

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Post Author: Kai Dario