Fast and Slow Way to Acquire A Lot of Bitcoins

Elders always preach that there is nothing available for free in life. You need to work hard to earn something valuable or spend dollars to buy it. It is a timeless cliché that applies in acquiring Bitcoins. To earn a lot of bitcoins quickly, you need to spend dollars or spend time earning them for free on crypto faucets.

How to acquire bitcoins?

  • Purchase lots of BTC quickly for cash, in-person or online.
  • Earn a substantial amount of BTC for free slowly through faucets like playing online casino games, performing online tasks, or writing e-books on cryptocurrency.

Fast method to acquire Bitcoins

  1. Buy BTC for cash online – The first step is to attain a bitcoin wallet. This software helps to store, send, and receive BTC. You need to choose between four kinds of BTC wallets – web, desktop, mobile, and hardware. Download the wallet and get registered at a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. It is a marketplace, where cryptocurrencies are traded. Buyers pay fiat money or digital currencies to buy BTC in exchange. Many exchanges accept credit card payments or bank transfers, while a few even approve PayPal. There will also be a transaction fee involved on each trade made.
  2. Buy BTC in-person – In-person you get several options to consider – Bitcoin ATM [Coin ATM Radar], retail stores [Liberty X], bank branches [Paxful], and private sellers [LocalBitcoins]. You will need to offer cash deposits in exchange for Bitcoins.

Slow method to get Bitcoins

  •    Play online games

Crypto casinos are a great way to have fun and acquire entertainment as well as earn bitcoins for free. You can play casino games online and receive winnings in bitcoin. On Bitcoin 2 Litecoin, read reviews about the best bitcoin games and websites to play on. Bitcoin faucets are safe to earn a tiny amount of Satoshis.

The BTC faucet works on advertisement banners or videos. You visit their website open an account, watch videos or solve a captcha and a tiny unit of BTC is added to your account. After a specific amount is accumulated in your account, you can withdraw it to your BTC wallet. Every faucet owner differs in the reward amount payment. It depends on action difficulty and frequency.

If you are not comfortable watching videos and banners then join a BTC casino. You can enjoy anonymity, attractive welcome bonuses, occasional jackpots, transparency, and fast withdrawals. Some popular live crypto casino games players prefer the most are blackjack, roulette, and video poker.

Sports betting

BTC is a chosen currency for online table and slot games. Sports betting are closely following this trend! Bitcoin betting sites offer financial privacy and freedom to do whatever you desire with your cash.

Bitcoin-accepting sportsbooks offer a potent advantage because the transfer fee of BTC or other cryptocurrencies is 90% less than banks. There is no hindrance in the acceptance of deposit and withdrawal on BTC betting sites due to country laws [some countries don’t allow betting activities] because cryptocurrency is unregulated. Betting with BTC is just like gambling with fiat currency. However, it is a good way of attaining Bitcoins.

Perform odd online jobs and earn BTC

Complete tasks online and earn BTC for free. Some companies pay in Bitcoin to take surveys or re-tweet their posts or test their sites. Some websites even allow people to earn tiny Satoshis as a reward to those who offer the best answers to their questions. Odds jobs can be found on Bitfortip and BitcoinGet.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique used to attract new customers. Existing customers are rewarded if they bring family or friends. There are different kinds of incentives offered, so study wisely before you choose a program and invest your time. You can look for incentives in bitcoin and thus earn free BTCs investing time.

Read classics and earn BTC

The internet is saturated with bitcoin faucets competing for the attention of advertisers and users, so people are paid to complete repetitive tasks or play simple games. It helps to attract plenty of traffic and even advertisers. Nevertheless, people don’t depend on faucets to earn a tiny amount of satoshis. The reward amount is small enough to influence them in performing brings tasks during their free time.

Bitcoin faucets discovered a new way to generate more ad revenue and engage users. People are paid to read classic books and those who love good books can earn BTC as well as enjoy their hobby.

Become an authorized cryptocurrency writer and earn BTC

Cryptocurrency forums, news outlets, and blogs pay authorized writers in BTC for their insights and contribution to their blog or news platform. If you have plenty of knowledge about the cryptocurrency sector then go for it and earn BTC. Provide high-quality and engaging cryptocurrency content to earn free bitcoins.

Why Bitcoin is more sought after than fiat currency?

In the last decade, global interest associated with Bitcoins has increased. It is a virtual currency that allows conducting the digital transaction.

  • Bank controls the fiat currency, while BRC is decentralized and its owners control it. With bitcoin people acquire the freedom to exchange without intermediaries. It means they attain control over their finances. It is a cheap, fast, secure, and incontrovertible crypto asset.
  • Bitcoin is like an e-wallet that users can create using blockchain technology to store, monitor as well as spend easily on shopping online.
  • Bitcoin is universally approved and has low volatility than fiat currency. This feature makes it easy to do transactions without the concerns of boundary limits or geographic location.
  • BTC is a great investment tool as there is no restriction from financial institutions or government.
  • Unlike cash, duplication of BTC is impossible.
  • Bitcoin ownership can be transferred. It means no people can have a transaction of the same value, so tax records can be maintained accurately.

Bitcoin’s popularity is not slowing down and as days pass by it is becoming more and more expensive. With the different ways mentioned above, you can give it a try. The chances to earn big profits with an investment of time and effort are high. However, first research the different ways to earn BTC, before you start! Good Luck!

Post Author: Kai Dario